My Name is Ladygod1va, I think by now I’m known to many naturists.

My aim is to promote naturism.  You can keep in contact with me by registering on this site for emails on updates etc.  I promise your email address will not be forward to anyone else.

You can also keep in touch with me via twitter @Ladygod1va or on Face Book by the same name.

This is a News & Picture blog where I aim to post regular photographs of things that interest me or of myself if I’m involved in some activity.

The main purpose is to keep my readers informed on regular basis and obtain any feedback they may wish to provide.

9 Responses to About

  1. Jh00mer says:

    Namaste, Devi!

    This is a great blog. Thank you for all you have done for the naturist cause. The courage you showed during the Plinth hour was amazing.

    OM Shanti


  2. Roshin says:

    Its really a nice thought and nice thing and eventhough i love to be nude my surroundings not like this kinda things.anyways its good to hear from u

  3. jenson says:


    You are amazing. If you ever come to US I would like to meet you. I’m also a big fan of natural living.

  4. Rahul Parab says:


    This is a great blog, thank you very much for what you are doing for naturist. This should encourage naturist from India. As India is conservative and nudism has been taboo it is uncertain to come out lf that. I am naturist from India, practice it at home. Hats off to you being an woman you have taken such bold step towards nudism.

  5. Roger says:

    Your glowing brown skin makes you look gorgeous. This is more of exotica rather than erotica. Superb and beautiful!

  6. efb says:


    it seems like a while sense you posted last? has the moment stopped or have you given up? i hope not. cheers

  7. Norman Bateman says:

    Have found your blog only to-day 05/10/2014 Please write to some women’s magazines to encourage more single ladies to become naturists in UK. There are so many ladies, especially widows who are needing that extra bit of push from someone like you to enable them to benefit from the sheer joy of being nude out of doors in the company of other naturists. My late wife, at first wrapped up in a very large towel before joining some other ladies who were already naked in our club pool. She used to say that the inhibition finished after the first few minutes. No naturist male is able to explain the joy of naturism to a lady who is so often not quite sure how she would feel being naked in mixed company. Even happily married ladies who we would would expect to want to share the pleasure with their husbands are reluctant to take that vital step of going nude for the first time.

  8. anmol says:

    hey, i really loved your website and all your honest posts about nudism.
    I am an indian boy and like to stay nude at home whenever i am alone, but public nudism is not at all possible here.
    Were you a nudist, when you lived in india ?
    and do you think other indian females can follow your steps?

  9. Cam dg says:

    Wonderful efforts. Keep it up.

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