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LadyGod1va & Art

One element of Art is to provoke and generate discussion, I used the oneandother event to do exactly that last year and 12 months later, it is still being used as a discussion point. If you read the comments or … Continue reading

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Sun Style!

OK.. People.. for me, this photo illustrates 2 things… How the sun rays can eat you up!. If you have to wear any clothes, use the minimum and do so with Style 🙂 ..What else can I say!!  

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Fighting Nature – And Looking Good!

I may believe in naturism but I can’t deny that sometimes.. humans have no choice but to wrap themselves in something sexy like this!!

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Bunny Girl

  This one is taken at Euro Disney and I was just trying to blend in with the surroundings 🙂 I will make my point again for those of you who are thinking about joining some naturist club or going … Continue reading

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Last weekend I promised you a pic of me in my nude body!! Here it is.. It may be hard to believe that this has been in the family for over 20 years and it has been used in London … Continue reading

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Sea Breeze

I like this pic, there may be a lot of technical reasons, I know that it couldn’t be taken like this without the new lens. I like the way the background is not in focus. What do you think?

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Love Is…

I am publishing the photos below because I am very happy to have witnessed the event. Most people worry about getting old, at least at present I don’t because I think it too can be fun.. I will probably end … Continue reading

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