Cap D’Agde at Midnight



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London WNBR 2012

I guess most of you would have seen hundreds of photos and many videos from various WNBR events this year already.. but have you seen the best ? ūüôā

Well as with previous years.. I find that there is one photo that captures my mood of the day. ¬†It is obviously not possible for me to take my own photo and most of the time the photos I pose for tend not to reflect the way I’m feeling at the time, so when someone takes a photo of me when I’m not aware that they are doing so.. sometimes it works and captures ¬†everything that I’m thinking of and feeling at that time.

Being nude is natural for me, I don’t have to be nude every single minute of every single day and I don’t make a song and dance about it, but there are moments when being nude feels so much better than it would feel otherwise.

Take a look at this one and tell me what it says to you.. It was taken by a friend @nigelwill2001 on twitter.

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London WNBR 2012 Promotional Poster

Please see the link below for the London WNBR Poster.
This protest ride is scheduled for 9th June 15:00 start and finish at Wellington Arch.
Could I ask you to promote this for me and it would be great to see you there if you live near London.

Also if you can help at the start, just to organise people turning up or body painting, please let me know.

Thank you

If you don’t wish to recieve any further emails from me please let me know.

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Shaka Zulu

Just a fun pic for you to enjoy taken at the Shaka Zulu, these ladies do a great job of making everyone’s evening an event to remember.

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Not posted anything here for a while, looking through my photos found this one which I like very much!.  Taken early morning about 2 years ago. I love the warmth it gives.


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This is a recent photo taken with my latest purchase of another Venetian ¬†Mask. This time I didn’t have to go to Venice to buy it!!

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Days To Remember

Just looking at some amazing photos from over the years and found this one that I thought you should see.
Look at the power of the waves and their similarity with sand dunes.

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