Westfield Shopping Centre’s Policy on Photography

Below is the email sent to Westfield.
If you have any comments/similar experiences please let me know.

I am looking into this only because it is yet another incident where the rules on use of photography seem to be very confusing and illogical.

Dear Sir/Madam
On the 11 December 2010, I spent the evening shopping at Westfield followed by dinner and late film. 
All went very well until, whilst on our way to the cinema, my partner asked me to stop so he could take a quick picture of me with the Christmas tree like image in the background.
Just as we took the first photo, a security guard shouted at us to stop and came over to explain that we were not allowed to take photos.
Please find attached the photo taken for your reference.
When the security guard was asked to explain this as we have seen hundreds of people taking photos ever since the centre had opened, he notified us that we could not take the photos using a ‘Big’ camera.
The camera we were using was a canon, sold in Jessops within Westfield. It is not a professional camera and it was not being used with a tripod.
Further discussion with the security guard allowed us to understand the situation a little better in that the concern of people using ‘Big’ cameras was that the photos could be used for commercial purposes.
Before I make any comments on this incident, I am writing to you to enquire about your corporate policy on use of cameras at the Westfield Shopping Centre, your methods of notifying the public and rules regarding its enforcement.
This incident happened at approx 11pm on the 1st floor. I would also like you to know that it is my intention to ask for the CCTV coverage of my visit to Westfield, so that it can support any further action that I may decide.  May I therefore request at this stage that the CCTV data from the 11th Dec 2010 is not erased.
For your information, I am a regular visitor to the Westfield shopping centre and hope to continue to use it in the future.
I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in dealing with this matter.


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I love the feeling of sharpe cold as long as it is for a short period and you can warm up quickly after!!

These photos are not meant to be snaps or perfect, they are so much better because you have to look at them long enough to see what you’re looking at they leave something to the imagination.
Hope you like them.

Sorry I couldn’t deliver a Snow Angel but will do so as soon as we get enough snow cover.




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Posh Dress

Does not look too good here, but it is! I suspect it might not be liked at macD!!!

This is me on the dance floor!! The photos are not good from last night.. I think I may have to fire my photographer!

The point here is that, in this day and age, it is possible to wear almost anything you like as long as it looks like you are wearing something!! No one made any comments or took any notice of my dress other than couple of Arabic females in the restaurant.

So the point is that the acceptance of nudity by the general public is not that big an issue, particularly if it’s presented as fashion!!

This is one of my favourites of the night.. just resting my legs!!

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Naked Cow

Ok.. you may laugh but here is a photo of a naked cow!  It was one of my many followers whilst I did a photo shoot for a BBC program. Shown further below.

If you have never done filming before… believe me when I say it is VERY boring… you have to do/say the same thing over and over and over again until it is right, unless you happen to be trained by the Royal Shakespeare Company and have faultless producer, award winning director, fantastic cameraman etc etc..then you might be able to do it in one take!

And finally a photo of me walking through the new forest being filmed, which never got used for some editorial reasons! So all that hard work for nothing.. maybe I will publish parts of it later myself!

But if you’re interested in  photography you should appreciate the difficulty in getting the light/shadows right as this photo is specially picked for this post out of many others.

If you find this interesting, pass the link on, I would very much like to hear what any females out there think.  Please remember not to copy the image as it is digimarked and must not be posted anywhere else without my prior agreement.  Thank you.

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I have a very simple desire, that is, to see scenes like this become ‘normal’ on our beaches and in our parks. All ages and cultures should be able to enjoy the nature in the way that makes them happy without fear of others.

This picture makes me happy because it tells a story and reminds me of a wonderful day when I was able to be totally free amongst people who weren’t naturists but didn’t object to my nudity.

If you wish to share your views and read over 100 other comments please see my post on British Naturism at http://ladygod1va.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/british-naturism/

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As winter is approaching I thought I would help you to prepare for your winter sports by showing you the ‘Perfect’ snow plough!!

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Killer Waves

This photo was taken on the French Western Coast where the Atlantic waves can be very big and lots of fun.  Also as a bonus that part of France is not very commercialised and it is very easy to find a quiet peace of beach that you can call your own.

If you haven’t been to that part of France yet I’d highly recommend it.  If you have, what did you think?

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