Nude & Dangerous

What is nude and dangerous.. ok.. maybe this one can’t kill you and maybe I would be quite happy to kill it but I would not touch it, even though I may not confess this to anyone other than to you!

Although Mr Spider is not my best friend, I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for it when I saw the state of its web in this heat. I’m sure on a good day it would have been much better.

But then my curiosity led me to take a closer look and realised why so many people are scared of them.. take a look at the pic below.. even from behind it looks scary!!

The multi coloured limbs look quite dangerous, I know it is not poisonous but would you really want to put that in your hand??  What if it was 10 times bigger?  Would you be scared of it then.

Before you get the wrong idea… I AM NOT scared of spiders… Just don’t like handling them unless they’re dead!!   I suppose I am guilty of not loving the nature as much as I should 😦





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PRISCILLA – Queen of the Desert

I was treated to an evening out for a birthday treat to see Priscilla, I had seen the film so knew what to expect but the show was really quite amazing.. the colour, music, atmosphere could not be better for a celebratory evening.

As normal I didn’t have anything to wear so struggled to find something appropriate, I should have worn something glamorous but instead I found this one in a little brown box, I think was supposed to be a present but someone had not managed to make it look like one..

After the show, we went to China Town and had a lovely meal, I think the wine before, during and after the show had little bit of an effect on the evening as it felt very warm and the long walk back to the train station through Trafalgar Sq didn’t result in a visit to the casualty department this time. 

Walking through Trafalgar Sq always feels good, with the National Gallery lights in the background, you just can’t help but want to take a photo or two! 

I didn’t want to be chased off the Square by the security men so went and had a chat with them. Told them I wanted to take some nude pics and didn’t want to surprise them.  First they said it wasn’t allowed but after I explained the law of the land to them they agreed.  I have to say they were very polite and understanding although they were little concerned that we were going to take ‘professional’ pics!!

So I feel things are getting better, before I would not had the confidence or felt the need to explain these things to people and they probably would not have listened, but nowadays I find explaining the situation generally works and helps them understand the reality of the law. 

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City Girl


I love the Beach, Sun, Sand, Forests, Hills and the Mountains, but unfortunately I live in a land locked site and cannot afford to limit my naturist life to those times where I can get away to enjoy the nature.

So, I do what I can to try and feel as good about myself and the environment I live in by using the system to live my life without getting into too much trouble.  I do this for me first and then as an effort to influence whoever I come into contact with to say that.. look you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear something adventurous and you don’t have to be in the wild to be nude.

When you see photos of me in the City.. try to avoid thinking of them as anything other than that I say above, those who don’t know me.. try not to think too deep about why I live the life I do.  I obviously don’t take these photos myself.. I am fortunate enough to have someone who has keen interest in photography and thinks the world of me and doesn’t mind me sharing his work with you.

So look a little closer at the Nature, City, My Enjoyment and of course the attempt of being Artistic.  I am sure you are not interest in my photos for nudity alone as there are quite a few million other photos you can have access to anytime you wish.

If you wish to leave  a comment it would be good, if you wish to disagree or be nasty.. that too is OK and I WILL publish your comments..

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Road Trip 2011

Nothing to do with naturism but I was persuaded to go on a Road trip with the family even though I could not walk without crutches and was in pain after my little stunt of jumping from the Lion Plinth in Trafalgar Square and landing badly.

The road trip was a cheap and probably better option than flying 4 people to all the sites that we wanted to visit, which included Venice, Rome, Pisa, Monaco, Nice, Caine, and Paris, all in 10 days!

The idea was to visit the highlights of these places and spend a day or 2 at each place, driving through the night on long journeys.

We managed to be in Venice on the biggest night of the year, fireworks and festival.  Almost an hour long fireworks display, far too long but it was good. Later they had various party boats going around the city but we left for Rome at about 2am.

It all went very well and we had good fun, although I didn’t enjoy being put in a wheel chair in Rome for the evening because Rome is just NOT designed for wheel chair access to anything.

We had the over expensive Gondola ride in Venice, probably the worst Pizza in Rome, faced the crowds at Pisa, suffered the cobbled beaches of Nice and much too expensive beach chairs & food in Cannes.   All in all much like any other holidays I guess.

There were many highlights; some I am not able to illustrate here, one I can discuss is an attempted carjacking.  Whilst resting in a layby on our way to Paris from Cannes.  Two men pretending to be the Police and shining bright torches in our faces asked for papers first and then wanted us out of the car, having managed to block out their light and realised they weren’t the Police we fought them off. I got punched in the face and I managed to return the compliment.  It was a very short but high adrenaline moment, could have been extremely dangerous but they decide that they had enough and ran into a waiting car that sped them away. 

We did not let the incident deter us from our enjoyment of the holidays, great experiences for us all, excellent route if anyone else would like to do it, I’d highly recommend it. It is about 3000 miles. We stayed in everything from a 4 star hotel to the B&B Hotel near Euro Disney (Very basic but clean enough, not as basic as the Formula Hotels).

Here are just some pics to entertain to.. maybe not the best in the world but they remind me of the some hightlights. I have a lot more and will publish them another time.

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Westfield Photography Rules

This is the latest email from Westfield.

As you can see, at least now they have progressed to understanding that they need to have an official request form to support the CCTV subject requests by any interested party. Previously they had said that they do not provide CCTV footage to any member of the Public.

I suspect there may be more delays, but my aim is to bring this matter to the attention of the CIO’s office as soon as possible if it is not resolved and also if they do not change their policy on stopping innocent people taking holiday snaps, as was the case when they stopped me.

I have evidence of the fact that they told a lie about having ‘No Photography’ notices on the enterances.

Also that there is no statement of the policy that the shoppers can use one type of camera or not, or whether they can take pictures of one thing or another or not. I will expand on this in another post.

Any further advise from those in the know, would be very much appreciated.

Dear *****,

Thank you for your email.

Please be assured that Westfield London Centre Management is making every effort to resolve this matter to your satisfaction.

I would like to advise that David M***** will be sending you the official request form on Monday. Once this is received and processed, we will be in contact to advise on any further action.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

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Westfield Shopping Centre’s 2nd Reply

Received the email as below, but I don’t agree with something.. please take a look at my comments and let me have your views, whether you think there are any further points/considerations before I reply.

Dear …..

Further to yesterday’s email, I am writing to update you on my enquiries and respond to your comments and concerns.

It is indeed Westfield London policy to restrict photography in the centre and there are signs at all entrances to the mall indicating that such actions are prohibited. This is a practice now common to many shopping centres. It is not enforced simply to prevent images being used for external commercial purposes but to ensure the security of the building, our staff and our guests.

Security staff are instructed to approach guests who do attempt to take photographs and explain our policy in a clear and calm manner. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Westfield London if you felt the security representative in question did not speak to you in an appropriate manner.

Of course, given the large amount of traffic through the centre, we are not always able to monitor all use of cameras.

LG>>So if the real criminals want to take photos for whatever reasons, they will be able to anyway! so what’s the point.

We are aware that Westfield London is a destination shopping venue and that many guests may wish to keep a record of their time here. As such, we do attempt to exercise some discretion.

LG>>This says to me that they allow ‘some’ people to take photos and would apply restriction if they saw something illegal or suspicious, this is understandable but then their rule should say ‘We reserve the right to refuse photography’ and if they do prevent someone (like me) then they would need to explain on what ground, otherwise it would be wrong to pick on people based on their ‘look’ or colour or race etc..

In response to your queries about CCTV, I would like to advise you that footage is stored for a period of 30 days, but we are unable to release any footage to members of the public.

LG>>I want them to give me the footage of the incident, there would be no other public in the clip (as very few people about), I am going to look into this, as I thought under DPA I could ask for this. The CCTV DPA here provides a clear understanding that a person could make a ‘Subject Request’ and they have to provide it.

Westfield London endeavours to provide all guests with a service and experience of world-class standards. I am very sorry if you feel we have not met these standards on this occasion.

I do hope this explanation answers your queries.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions or queries.

Kind regards,

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Westfield Shopping Centre’s Policy on Photography – Response Email

I know this is not much but at least it is an acknowledgement!

I have removed the names from the email below to preserve privacy.

Hi K*****,

I have forwarded your enquiry onto our Westfield London team who will get back to you.

Kind Regards,
Client Accounts Executive
Westfield Shoppingtowns Limited
Mid City Place | 71 High Holborn | London | WC1V 6EA

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