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Cap D’Agde at Midnight


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London WNBR 2012

I guess most of you would have seen hundreds of photos and many videos from various WNBR events this year already.. but have you seen the best ? 🙂 Well as with previous years.. I find that there is one … Continue reading

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London WNBR 2012 Promotional Poster

Please see the link below for the London WNBR Poster. This protest ride is scheduled for 9th June 15:00 start and finish at Wellington Arch. Could I ask you to promote this for me and it would be great to … Continue reading

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Shaka Zulu

Just a fun pic for you to enjoy taken at the Shaka Zulu, these ladies do a great job of making everyone’s evening an event to remember.

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Not posted anything here for a while, looking through my photos found this one which I like very much!.  Taken early morning about 2 years ago. I love the warmth it gives.

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This is a recent photo taken with my latest purchase of another Venetian  Mask. This time I didn’t have to go to Venice to buy it!!

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Days To Remember

Just looking at some amazing photos from over the years and found this one that I thought you should see. Look at the power of the waves and their similarity with sand dunes.

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