Nude & Dangerous

What is nude and dangerous.. ok.. maybe this one can’t kill you and maybe I would be quite happy to kill it but I would not touch it, even though I may not confess this to anyone other than to you!

Although Mr Spider is not my best friend, I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for it when I saw the state of its web in this heat. I’m sure on a good day it would have been much better.

But then my curiosity led me to take a closer look and realised why so many people are scared of them.. take a look at the pic below.. even from behind it looks scary!!

The multi coloured limbs look quite dangerous, I know it is not poisonous but would you really want to put that in your hand??  What if it was 10 times bigger?  Would you be scared of it then.

Before you get the wrong idea… I AM NOT scared of spiders… Just don’t like handling them unless they’re dead!!   I suppose I am guilty of not loving the nature as much as I should 😦





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6 Responses to Nude & Dangerous

  1. Peter durnien says:

    No, I am not afraid of spiders. Some are dangerous of course, but most just eat flies.

    What I dont like is walking into webs!

    Loving the warm weather just now.

  2. Peter durnien says:

    This spider looks like a common garden spider, she will probably be about until November when the first frosts will kill her.

  3. Liam Sweeney says:

    That is almost certainly Ms Spider, not Mr – for most British spider species the female is much larger than the male (and usually eats the poor chap after mating). Many garden spiders are quite beautiful if you look at them closely, especially at this time of year when they have reached their maximum size, and in this country they’re all completely harmless (unless you happen to be an insect, of course). I realise they’re not the most instantly loveable of creatures, but they fill a vital ecological niche.

    • ladygod1va says:

      You men are so lucky, if the human females behaved in the same way, I suspect the men would remain little less adventurous! :-). I love the garden life really, just have the normal female hesitation to handle some things that just don’t look too nice:-)

  4. peter durnien says:

    It’s a well known fact that most males are pretty much usless after mating, (rolling over and falling asleap kind of thing, until next time with most mammals). Insects usually only get one chance in their life to mate so getting your head bitten off and your blood sucked out is a welcome and needed meal for the spider and the next generation. It’s the same with bees and ants too. Praying Mantis as well.

  5. Jss says:

    Beside the Adder, there is no known poisonous Reptiles or Insects in the UK, that can kill, and a Adders venom, will only kill, young or infirm.

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