PRISCILLA – Queen of the Desert

I was treated to an evening out for a birthday treat to see Priscilla, I had seen the film so knew what to expect but the show was really quite amazing.. the colour, music, atmosphere could not be better for a celebratory evening.

As normal I didn’t have anything to wear so struggled to find something appropriate, I should have worn something glamorous but instead I found this one in a little brown box, I think was supposed to be a present but someone had not managed to make it look like one..

After the show, we went to China Town and had a lovely meal, I think the wine before, during and after the show had little bit of an effect on the evening as it felt very warm and the long walk back to the train station through Trafalgar Sq didn’t result in a visit to the casualty department this time. 

Walking through Trafalgar Sq always feels good, with the National Gallery lights in the background, you just can’t help but want to take a photo or two! 

I didn’t want to be chased off the Square by the security men so went and had a chat with them. Told them I wanted to take some nude pics and didn’t want to surprise them.  First they said it wasn’t allowed but after I explained the law of the land to them they agreed.  I have to say they were very polite and understanding although they were little concerned that we were going to take ‘professional’ pics!!

So I feel things are getting better, before I would not had the confidence or felt the need to explain these things to people and they probably would not have listened, but nowadays I find explaining the situation generally works and helps them understand the reality of the law. 

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29 Responses to PRISCILLA – Queen of the Desert

  1. Liam Sweeney says:

    I think it would be more unusual to see you in Trafalgar Square with your clothes on! How long were you nude for? It’s another small triumph for body freedom, and it shows that the authorities aren’t too bothered as long as they’re consulted.

  2. Mel White says:

    I really like the fountain photo with the focus more on the statue, and the various lights in the background. It’s lovely to see that your, already immense, confidence is growing even more. Wonderful photos as always. Hope you had a great night. The last few times I was in London I did not get to Trafalgar Square, but I must make sure to do so on my next visit. Nothing quite like it over here in Cork. Doubt I’ll be taking any nude photos though.

  3. Ironcandle Dave says:

    Looks like you had fun, and I am curious if you ate ever concerned about encountering what you all call “yobs”, rather than security officers. I would Imagine the security folks are a little more polite and understanding than those A-hole thugs roaming around London. Obviously, you are a beautiful woman wearing some revealing clothes, dies that attract the afore mention A-holes? I can’t imagine someone who looks like you getting away with that in downtown Atlanta on a Saturday night, unarmed.

  4. aerosum says:

    Nice post.. Yes things are getting better it seems.. Btw who is your photographer?? Can I photograph you someday?? And have you ever been to India?? Were u able to be in your naturist self in India too?? What place that was??

  5. terri says:

    So beautiful, natural, as ever- I feel a lady god1va ‘flash’ mob coming on!

    Did anyone passing by make any comments?

    P.s. Where did you get that lovely dress?

  6. Your body looks as beautiful as ever!

    But, I think the shot at Trafalgar Square could have been a bit clearer. The photographer is the same, and I have seen *crystal clear* shots in your previous posts.

  7. Jack Moor says:

    Thanks for sharing Lady G, another beautiful, charming shot capturing your confident and determined advance against narrow mindedness!

  8. Carlisle says:

    Happy Birthday Lady God1va!!!
    The picture of you at the fountain looks great! A perfect way & place to celebrate your birthday in your birthday suit!!

  9. mbc says:

    A happy birthday to a wonderful you …..

    • Pete says:

      Did you know there are statues of four naturists – two women and two men – in Soho Square? I don’t know whether it’s permanent, but it’s surely calling out for a photo shoot by you.

  10. sociofoben says:

    This is the most wonderful photos I ever seen, so free so natural in our artificial society. And you are a wonderful woman very lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  11. TZ says:

    I had put in a comment earlier in the week about how I had seen the movie The Immortals, and the female lead was a beautiful gal with the same skin tone and coloring as Ms. God1va. Freida Pinto is her name.

    I thought of Ms. God1va at times as I watched the movie, both beautiful women.

  12. gggg says:

    I don’t no english but i tell u r very beautiful woman something in u r face

  13. Will says:


    This is the most beautiful picture of a nude woman that i have ever seen.
    You are a very beautiful and classy woman. And you’re more wonderful on the inside for your willingness to share this portrait. Thank you!!!

  14. nudenik says:

    A beautiful photo of a woman who is confident to share her nude self with the world in a very public place. It would be great if many more of us turned up there naked for the world to see that there is nothing wrong with public nudity like this, and to be able to do so without any hassle from people who have different attitudes.

  15. ash says:

    As a former student of art college l often drew nude painting using life models. I always then had this sense of doing same thing myself that all out sense of freedom of no clothes being to walk around freely and not be ashamed of the naked body. I see you a fellow Asian doing that same thing. Inspirational. And yes U do have beautiful body y keep it covered.

  16. terri says:

    good for you, Lady G!

  17. Sasha James says:

    LadyG, it is very liberating and sensuous both to see you. Your articles are very informative. You mention that there are both sexual and freedom motives in nudity. is it balanced?

  18. Sasha James says:

    hey do you interact with your followers hon? You seem to be of south east asian origin, has the conservatism of that part ever affected you?

  19. jenthewaxer says:

    I really enjoy seeing a woman free to be sexy without worrying about others insecurities about their own sexuality.

    Would love to have you write a guest blog post for our website

    Jen Smith

  20. thomasberns says:

    Wow, that takes a lot of guts to do that in Trafalgar Square, a very crowded and public space. Kudos to you.

  21. Pratik Bruno says:

    The fountain picture is the main attention grabber here… Quite a brave thing to do in a public place. You look beautiful! Hopefully you didnt have a tough time convincing the security guards to give you the go-ahead. 🙂

  22. Ethnic says:

    Thats an amazing dress and you look absolutely stunning in it…kudos..!! and also i do admire your daring nature to go natural…cheers

  23. Mike says:

    the fountain photo is your best. I will sketch it, many times. I think you’re amazing. And as a cyclist, I’m inspired to do a ride.

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