Road Trip 2011

Nothing to do with naturism but I was persuaded to go on a Road trip with the family even though I could not walk without crutches and was in pain after my little stunt of jumping from the Lion Plinth in Trafalgar Square and landing badly.

The road trip was a cheap and probably better option than flying 4 people to all the sites that we wanted to visit, which included Venice, Rome, Pisa, Monaco, Nice, Caine, and Paris, all in 10 days!

The idea was to visit the highlights of these places and spend a day or 2 at each place, driving through the night on long journeys.

We managed to be in Venice on the biggest night of the year, fireworks and festival.  Almost an hour long fireworks display, far too long but it was good. Later they had various party boats going around the city but we left for Rome at about 2am.

It all went very well and we had good fun, although I didn’t enjoy being put in a wheel chair in Rome for the evening because Rome is just NOT designed for wheel chair access to anything.

We had the over expensive Gondola ride in Venice, probably the worst Pizza in Rome, faced the crowds at Pisa, suffered the cobbled beaches of Nice and much too expensive beach chairs & food in Cannes.   All in all much like any other holidays I guess.

There were many highlights; some I am not able to illustrate here, one I can discuss is an attempted carjacking.  Whilst resting in a layby on our way to Paris from Cannes.  Two men pretending to be the Police and shining bright torches in our faces asked for papers first and then wanted us out of the car, having managed to block out their light and realised they weren’t the Police we fought them off. I got punched in the face and I managed to return the compliment.  It was a very short but high adrenaline moment, could have been extremely dangerous but they decide that they had enough and ran into a waiting car that sped them away. 

We did not let the incident deter us from our enjoyment of the holidays, great experiences for us all, excellent route if anyone else would like to do it, I’d highly recommend it. It is about 3000 miles. We stayed in everything from a 4 star hotel to the B&B Hotel near Euro Disney (Very basic but clean enough, not as basic as the Formula Hotels).

Here are just some pics to entertain to.. maybe not the best in the world but they remind me of the some hightlights. I have a lot more and will publish them another time.

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10 Responses to Road Trip 2011

  1. Smoothalx says:

    Road trips are great. It has been a while since my last one. Glad that you had a good time regardless of the incident. Just take into consideration that it is not the bad things that happens to us that count. It is what we do about them. With you character and great attitude you can overcome anything.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks for sharing these – courageous of you to do it with the pain & the crutches – looks like you had a great time! The Nice Four-Legged Swimmer has somewhat changed my view of crutches.

  3. Nice set of pictures, some good highlights of your trip. That’s quite a long road trip round Europe in ~10 days, you certainly packed in a lot of places. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone use crutches in the sea before 🙂

  4. Liam Sweeney says:

    Nice to see the blog updated, and it looks like you had a fascinating trip around Europe. I hope you’re off those crutches soon – although from the pics you seem to be coping pretty well!

  5. Colin Hough says:

    It seems like quite a while since your last blog update. I’m glad to hear that being on crutches and fighting off carjackers didn’t stop you having an interesting vacation. You certainly covered a lot of ground. I hope you recover soon. All the best.

  6. david says:

    its gad 2 see u again here i thk u njoy o much there so take some rest and start ur work again all d best

  7. david says:

    its glad 2 see u again here i thk u njoy o much there so take some rest and start ur work again all d best

  8. Robert says:

    I like the shot of the Trevi Fountain.

  9. paul hurley says:

    hallo kirin,
    I has been a long time since i went to Italy.
    I i did not like venice,to much water.
    Though,Rome was nice.
    Glad you had a good time.

  10. terri says:

    paddling on crutches- thats dedication!

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