I love the feeling of sharpe cold as long as it is for a short period and you can warm up quickly after!!

These photos are not meant to be snaps or perfect, they are so much better because you have to look at them long enough to see what you’re looking at they leave something to the imagination.
Hope you like them.

Sorry I couldn’t deliver a Snow Angel but will do so as soon as we get enough snow cover.




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10 Responses to SNOW FUN

  1. umacf24 says:

    Yellow snow!

  2. A Lee says:

    imaginative on ur part 🙂 and that is chilly.

  3. Nigel says:

    I see you managed to find the trampoline in the decking and under the snow. Very brave going out in the cold, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it…. brrrrrr

  4. I love this image, ladygod1va. Hope you put up more pics on this site, homegirl.

  5. ThomasZ says:

    tis the season. Looks like the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future….A friendly ghost, of course.

    Very nice….but a bit nipply I suppose!

  6. Jack Moor says:

    Very brave! has a surreal kind of ghostliness, only serves to add to the mystery that is Lady God1va!

  7. Carlisle says:

    You’re way braver than me. Hope you don’t catch a cold.

  8. Naturistjjmike says:

    Great pics Ladygod1va. Big fan of yours

  9. Pete says:

    There is nothing more liberating than people nude in the snow. Personally I have no objections to a hat, scarf, gloves, socks and shoes, but that’s all. Love the pictures, but in focus they would be even better.

  10. Michael says:

    I thought of pirouettes at first. we’ve done a lot of ice-skating on the river Cherwell during the cold week.

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