Naked Cow

Ok.. you may laugh but here is a photo of a naked cow!  It was one of my many followers whilst I did a photo shoot for a BBC program. Shown further below.

If you have never done filming before… believe me when I say it is VERY boring… you have to do/say the same thing over and over and over again until it is right, unless you happen to be trained by the Royal Shakespeare Company and have faultless producer, award winning director, fantastic cameraman etc etc..then you might be able to do it in one take!

And finally a photo of me walking through the new forest being filmed, which never got used for some editorial reasons! So all that hard work for nothing.. maybe I will publish parts of it later myself!

But if you’re interested in  photography you should appreciate the difficulty in getting the light/shadows right as this photo is specially picked for this post out of many others.

If you find this interesting, pass the link on, I would very much like to hear what any females out there think.  Please remember not to copy the image as it is digimarked and must not be posted anywhere else without my prior agreement.  Thank you.

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25 Responses to Naked Cow

  1. likeacrow says:

    I don’t know much about photography but I think you look fantastic!

  2. Hafez says:

    Cool set of photos! Didn’t know you appeared on TV but then again maybe I missed reading up on that one. And yes, I have to agree with you, filming IS tiring AND boring. Well, have a good week ahead. Cheers!

  3. Jack Moor says:

    In true pioneering spirit, what a shame it wasn’t broadcast!

  4. Laurie says:

    This is interesting, it’s what I do for a living! Sorry it was boring for you though. When I’m directing/shooting I try very hard to make it as interesting as possible. Nice location though and I love the images you posted. The lighting can be tricky but I’ve been shooting in locations like this all my life and it’s possible to very beautiful results.
    See if you can get a copy of the rushes and publish it yourself, it would be a great pity if the footage was never seen.
    All the best,

  5. A Lee says:

    Oh wow congrats on getting screentime with the BBC! 🙂 what show is it though I’m curious, and really, congrats for bringing out naturism in the media 🙂

  6. Roy Seager says:

    Hey ! A Wood Nymph !I ‘ve always hoped to see one of those.
    Very Nice Lady God1va!

  7. Good on you for promoting the enjoyment of natural freedom as something positive this way, though it’s a shame they edited out your walk through the woods. What programme was this being filmed for and when are the BBC screening it?

    Great photos – I love the way the photo of your walk is so natural and so non threatening.

    Keep up the good work Kiran. You are such a great ambassador for natural freedom. 🙂

  8. Nigel says:

    A nice set of pictures and I have to agree they are nicely composed and showing how relaxed and natural you feel being nude amongst others. Getting the exposure right in this environment is a real challenge, and it’s been done expertly, I applaud your photographer.

    It’s a real shame your efforts weren’t rewarded with a TV broadcast, I’m sure a lot of people would like to hear what you have to say as you present naturism in such a positive way. Perhaps it will be released as a Special Edition DVD?

  9. ThomasZ says:

    The color contrast is very, very nice.

    Your skin against the green of the forest is really cool.

  10. nudenow says:

    Thank you for the courage on your photo shoot. Hopefully it furthers the cause of body acceptance. Nude is normal and a part of being human.

  11. question says:

    Hilarious way to start the post =)

  12. terri says:

    i never realised the new forest was so wonderful. look forward to seeing the video, whenever!

  13. Jh00mer says:

    Beautiful model, beautiful scenery. The contrast of light and shadow on your body and background is impressive. And you make posing look so easy. A perfect example of the nude in nature.

  14. Ian says:

    Hi , you look great in the photo but you were saying it was difficult to get a good one because of all the shadows, well I ‘removed’ the shadows by lightening only specific parts of the image. Shall I upload it somewhere and give you the link, then see what you think?

    BTW, is it me or are the naturists on Twitter mostly female?! It looks like it but that doesn’t reflect the offline gender statistics, but then the majority of users (not by a big margin) are female from what I hear.

  15. Hi, Lady God1va. What is your favorite thing of being a naturist?

  16. Colin Hough says:

    i agree about filming being dull and also tyring. You take the same shot over and over again, and it always seems as thought the stuff which you think it best, is the stuff which doesn’t make the final cut.

    I think you are a fantastic ambassador for nudism in the UK and I’m looking forward to seeing the program when the BBC release it.
    Any further word on when they are due to show this?

  17. Terri and John says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful time, in the New Forest.. plenty of space to explore, au naturel!

    btw, did the film crew join in, with your stroll? we look forward to seeing any subsequent video.

  18. dan and mary says:

    What a wonderful setting- if the beeb dont show the film, perhaps you should post on youtube?

  19. peter durnien says:

    I was recently naked in the new forest too. But the BBc were not about, it was a wonderful hot day and so peaceful.

  20. Marie says:

    What a wonderful and beautiful model. I think I would like to do the same, says Marie from Sweden.

  21. terri lions says:

    PLEASE lets ge this article made and onto tv- share the freedom!

  22. sarah & mike says:

    When will this ever be shown? waste of licence payers money if not!

  23. Sandra & John, London says:

    As several people have asked, why was this never broadcast? Planning a trip to explore, right now!

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