LadyGod1va & Art

One element of Art is to provoke and generate discussion, I used the oneandother event to do exactly that last year and 12 months later, it is still being used as a discussion point.
If you read the comments or the posts etc you will see there are many different views, which is all good. I am also aware that it is not always possible to hold a discussion with people, some are just not able to follow a logical argument, the trick is know when to give up.. we don’t always get it right.

Just for the record!! There was nothing that I did on the Plinth that I had not planned to do, there were some things I didn’t do but it is too late for that. I say this because there were some comments made about my approach, what I said, wearing of boots etc. Everything was done for a reason and the purpose was to have my voice heard.

Not many people knew me then and there are many who don’t want to know me now, but I have to say, I am much more confident in myself and happy that people can make up their own mind whether they think I stand for good or I’m just bad or sad.

If you are interested you can read all about my background, see more pics etc at I would ask you to read the words as well as look at the pics and if you find you like what you see perhaps you’d like to read the latest post at if you want to be part of what I am and do, then it would be good to get a comment or two back from you. Come out in the open and say what you think!

You can read the Plinth profile, comments and see the video using the blog links.
The interview Audio is also available there, You will have to excuse my nervous laughter at times, need to remember that I was sitting nude in a cabin, being interviewed for the first time in my life..but it could also be that I just laugh too much. Enjoy!!

Not that you’d want to know but there is also a book out now that records the project from various angles.

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7 Responses to LadyGod1va & Art

  1. MarkandAJ says:

    LadyG, so it needs to be asked. How on earth did you get the rocking horse up there. Surely its not a backpackable item up some hidden ladder (excuse our antipodeian knowledge of the “Plinth”).

    Fun picture though, will check out the links when time and internet bandwidth permits. And from a marketing perspective its a great approach to kicking off an awareness campaign. You are doing really great things for naturism. Keep smiling and please keep sharing your views and ideas.

  2. I have to admire your stand on nudity and the fact that you had the guts for such a public display on your own. Well done!

    Out of interest, are you willing to share your thoughts on some of the other things you had planned to do but didn’t for whatever reason?

  3. Jack Moor says:

    Well done Lady G! it was very brave of you to take on such a task. Only sad I missed it at the time.

  4. Pete says:

    You were wonderful on the Plinth. It was just a shame about the time of day and the extremely uncool questions you were asked. No mikes in the crowd and some sunshine would have made it even better.

  5. john says:

    great to see you are very brave and a great ambassador for naturism

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