Last weekend I promised you a pic of me in my nude body!! Here it is..

It may be hard to believe that this has been in the family for over 20 years and it has been used in London and around the world many times.  It is obviously hand me down and treasured!! It feels so great, free, simple and attractive.  Don’t think that I’m going mad, but I do believe that the current fashion of wearing leggings will in time lead to a full body suits such as this one being as common as leggings are now. 

If you want to see and read more about my thoughts on naturism please see my latest post at

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16 Responses to NUDE BODY

  1. Jack Moor says:

    A splendid site! Would love to meet you wearing this!

    • ladygod1va says:

      I have just seen your site and you are opposite to me when it comes to naturism and I would like to understand why you think naturism and erotica go hand in hand? Do you understand the difference and would you be willing to separate your 2 interests?

      • Jack Moor says:

        Yes Lady Godiva, I do understand the difference and I am perfectly willing to seperate the 2. However, I believe erotica can be, though isn’t by any means always, a natural progression from nudity. That isn’t to say that one needs to be naked to be erotic. I fully appreciate the power of suggestion and allurement, forces that defy reasonable explanation. To me, humanity encompasses everything that is human, in the same way that England encompasses all the people, animals, plants, rivers, buildings and all the myriad things that make up what England is. To acknowledge naked beauty but to deny that it can have an erotic quality is like acknowledging the light emitting from an electric lamp but refusing to accept the electricity that enables it to occur. Of course it’s all very subjective. Ultimately, I don’t believe there is anything disrespectful in becoming aroused, just as long as our arousal is tempered with good grace and an awareness of our surroundings. I could go on but have probably incensed enough people already. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your invitation for dialogue on the subject. Lets get it out in the open!

      • Brian says:

        Lady God1va,

        I’ve been thinking about your discussion with Jack about naturism vs. eroticism. My take on this is that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites dedicated to eroticism and pornography. It gets old sometimes. While Jack is correct that eroticism is a part of life and is part of the spectrum of human experience while naked/nude, I think what keeps me coming back to your site is that you blog about unexpected topics related to life, not just necessarily being naked in public. Very few sites I can think of occupy the space that you do with its insights, and thus your blog is much needed.

        I think that considering Pope John Paul II’s statement about pornography that it is not that it reveals too much, but too little, explains your blog and attitude. You are revealing much more than your physical nakedness but share your mental and emotional nakedness and that, more than anything else, makes this site worth repeat visits.

      • ladygod1va says:

        Brian thank you for your comment. It is good to know that someone is at least trying to understand my world.

  2. Uriel says:

    You are a beautiful woman, don’t know why you would want to hide the body God gave you with a body suit, its not an improvement. I am a naturist and as such think most people look better nude. Think about it, its more comfortable, one size fits all and most of the time its even fun.

  3. ladygod1va says:

    Thank You, I’m afraid in the real world you have to make some compromises if you don’t want to freeze in the autumn night or be treated like some nut when you are just trying to have a relaxing evening. Maybe the day will come…

  4. A Lee says:

    A great photo once more Kiran. Interesting choice of outfit I admit.

  5. umacf24 says:

    How very Star Trek! Just the thing for free fall… but without pockets it’ll never catch on.

  6. nxrob says:

    Well LadyG, I guess you knew you would have us all fooled. Did you go for a meal like that? If so, what reaction did you get from the other diners? You look great by the way. But I’m sure you knew that too!

  7. Coldplacenudist says:

    It would appear that you’re confusing some people!! More likely they were confused before they saw your photo!! Great photo. Must be great to be associated with that sense of humor.

  8. Dare I say it, I have to admit you wear it very nicely 🙂

    If you cannot safely be naked in public, then this is a great outfit for a nudist to wear around town. It shows that you’re proud of who you are and not ashamed to show what is only natural.

    Maybe one day you’ll be able to go out as God intended!

  9. flageobiker says:

    You look great in that. I would NOT look so great in that. I might even look a little funny. Na, a lot funny. WHat kind of reactions do you get from folks when you wear that outfit?

  10. chandu says:

    hai,i ask u one question?
    if any male cock gets exicted by seeing you nude,how do you manage then??????

  11. Great Outfit, it suits you well.

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