Sea Breeze

I like this pic, there may be a lot of technical reasons, I know that it couldn’t be taken like this without the new lens. I like the way the background is not in focus.
What do you think?

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6 Responses to Sea Breeze

  1. Dark_Wolf says:

    You’re the focus of the picture, as it should be……

  2. Nice photo. Nice technical composition. I assume you’re using a camera where you can change the DOF by adjusting the lens opening.

  3. Nicely composed picture there. I presume that the photo was taken with a telephoto lens and the background blurring is caused by the wide aperture setting which is always great for protrait shots. It looks as if it could have been chilly on the beach but the sunlight creates warmth in the photo.

  4. A Lee says:

    once again, great photo. its good that u are the focus of the shot here.

  5. chandu says:

    hai godiva,see how cute you course you said that,our mind set have to change.but how many of us will feel like that?????????anyway you looking beautiful in this photo.

  6. scotsguy says:

    superb colours!,the camera catches u perfectly! regards maurice

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