Love Is…

I am publishing the photos below because I am very happy to have witnessed the event.

Most people worry about getting old, at least at present I don’t because I think it too can be fun.. I will probably end up being the oldest naturist if I live that long!!  Naturists do seem to handle age better, other than some serious naturists having too much sun during their lives, leaving their skin little too wrinkled.  Other than that, I have seen some very old naturists who look pretty active.

The photos below have nothing to do with naturism, they are about what I witnessed as the will to enjoy life…

The old lady was having problems getting up the little hill so she got on all fours and got there.. the man helped her once she got to the top and they sat their enjoying the sun… It was so lovely.

So for those of you who are still able to move with relative freedom.. enjoy life.

Get out and feel the nature.. Why get so involved with what other people think. They are unlikely to be there when you need someone to help you up a little hill of life.

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4 Responses to Love Is…

  1. Coldplacenudist says:


  2. Jack Moor says:

    Couldn’t agree more, savour the moments!

  3. flageobiker says:

    Makes you want to give them both a hug. I hope to Love or be loved that much at that age.

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