Autumn In London

It only takes one warm weekend in October to forget the cold September that brought the winter blues in England.

We decided at random to go out for the evening as it had been such a lovely day  and ended up in Covent Garden.  There were many things to see, the place was alive with activity but this one caught my eye.. an American sounding guy, ex IT expert asking people to put £20 or so into his pot!! Not sure what his act was but must have been good!!

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3 Responses to Autumn In London

  1. Jack Moor says:

    Yes it was lovely weather! I’m surprised you weren’t getting your kit off in Regent’s Park like some of us were!

  2. Umacf24 says:


  3. iluvcpp says:

    One of the nicest pictures of you that you have ever posted.

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