I remember once upon a time, there used to be something hot in the sky, people called it the Sun.  When it came out, it was bright, girls and boys shed a few layers of clothing and they looked ever so attractive.  Sometimes the summer was enjoyed by the water.. any water will do, don’t know why!  (Without going into a long discussion on evolution!).

This one time (stay with me reader), it was a hot sunny summer’s day and my master took me to a Princess’s Memorial where there was water going around in circle and people wondering around looking happy, but I was told this Memorial was of a Princess that died after being very sad.. it confused me as to why people looked so happy thinking of a dead sad princess.. then I realised because it was the summer and the sun was out. is the photograph of the event to prove this is no fairy tail. 

Do you remember the summer?  Would you like to share your best summer moment with us?

Do you remember any hot days in September?

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3 Responses to Summer

  1. Bandaboi says:

    Hey, Its summer for us as we are at the other end of the world – Australia 🙂

  2. umacf24 says:

    Love thi picture but can’t explain why….
    Are you an aquatic ape-ist after Elaine Morgan?
    It seems so plausible, but I don’t really think it’s true.
    Fossil record is SO inland…

  3. Jack Moor says:

    Thanks for sharing this, most uplifting! Love the see through skirt!……..and of course the sun.

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