Tomorrow the CWG starts and India has been in the news a lot recently regarding that.

India is known to be a country of contrast, it amazes and frustrates me to hear people in the West criticising countries and cultures of the East simply because they are different.

The West got where it is today through a period of Western lead Empires, whilst the West sorted itself out, it wasn’t too successful in helping the general populous of the countries under its influence, in the case of India for over 300 years.

India has been independent for only 61 years, in that time it has grown from being known as a third world countrdy to one of the fastest developing countries and able to stand proudly amongst the world leaders. This has not come about because India doesn’t know what it’s doing. They (Indians) work hard and try to do the best they can. Same as everywhere else in the world, there are good bad and the ugly people in that country, so why should anyone be surprised that some things go right and some things go wrong or don’t go quite as others might expect them to.

You can go to India to see the poverty and there is plenty of it, or you can go to India to enjoy the best it has to offer and there is plenty of that too. For a balanced view, you can view both side by side and look towards the positives.

Today I attach 2 photos to illustrate the extremes.. one is of street residents in Mumbai and the other of a 5 Star hotel in Goa. I experience both of these extremes each time I go to India, which I have to do a number of times each year. I have learned to accept and enjoy what is India, perhaps the rest of the world can try doing the same and not focus just on the negatives.

See an article in the Economist here

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2 Responses to INDIA

  1. Baz says:

    True, so true!

  2. scotsguy says:

    Some of the nicest people i know,ive met in india,whether rich or poor!,pity bout the sight that greets you on the airport transfer to domestics at mumbai airport!,things can only get better!.

    Beautifull country,wonderfull people! regards maurice

    ps: i fly jet from london,open returns=£524 via southall travel.

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