Some of you have asked for a photo of my birtday, a lot of you have spoken about birthday suit.

I have come to an understanding that whilst I am known for my stance in favour of nudity, that alone does not express who I am.

So I am going to use this blog to let you into more of my personal life, because this is the area that most people seems to be so afraid to let out into the open.
If you are happy to talk about yourself, who you are and what makes you tick, then perhaps you might be able to talk about some stuff that you’ve been hiding away from others.
It is important to respect those around you whilst trying to live you own life. I don’t wish to upset any of my readers, in the same way I would not deliberately upset anyone I had invited to my house.
So as you can see in the pic, I am very happy, the pic was taken by my little sis whilst my partner gave me the flowers he found in the kitchen that were actually given to me by someone else.
His statement… It’s the thought that counts and in this climate we must re-cycle our thoughts to make sure we get best value for money!!!

I don’t want people to look at my nude pics just.. there are plenty out there and there will be more.. but I want you to look into the pics I post here.. take a minute and try to come into my life, so that we can enjoy having each other as friends.

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6 Responses to Happiness

  1. Flageobiker says:

    Now that’s what I call a Birthday Smile. Happy Birthday Lady G

  2. Jack Moor says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Sorry if it’s a little late
    I do enjoy reading your balanced views on the whole naked thing!
    Truthfully, I’m a bit of a pervert, but I hope I’m a civilised one.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Very best wishes
    Jack x

  3. Ben says:

    The title sums up the picture perfectly! Thank you for sharing this intimate moment 🙂

    Nice mask too btw

  4. eeyore says:

    Nice to see you’ve finally launched your photo blog with a very nice gentle first few posts. I will be viewing avidly. Keep up the good work promoting nudism.

  5. Liam Sweeney says:

    A beleated happy birthday!

    A nice start – I was hoping that your blog would not just be about naturism, because there’s obviously much more to you than that.

  6. omkar says:

    This pic is so natural.kudos to the photographer.. By d way happy bday dear..

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