iPhone 4 – Sleep Walking Photo

I like my I phone but don’t like the issues with the telephone calls not getting through at times etc..

However.. I managed to get this pic off my partner’s iphone 4 which he took couple of nights ago whilst I was coming out of my bathroom in the middle of night, in total darkness. The flash blinded me, hence hand to face!!
I wasn’t amused at the time but I’m very impressed that it managed to take the pic in TOTAL darkness..

It has a lot of pixels because it is Digitally Marked for tracking. Please do not post it anywhere as it will be traced.

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7 Responses to iPhone 4 – Sleep Walking Photo

  1. Ben says:

    Great photo, alot of fun and interesting!

  2. umacf24 says:

    Woo! Naturist steganography!

  3. Mel White says:

    Great photo and credit due to the iPhone 4 even though I’d never buy one. I love that you’re blurry yet everything else is clear.

    Site is working fine in Opera Mobile on my Nokia E71.

  4. Bandaboi says:

    Hey I am really impressed with its quality! Guess it has 5 megapixel camera..You can shoot in the dark any camera has higher ISO level

  5. michael says:

    wow. impressive that the picture looks good even if taken in total darkness.

  6. Like a Sexy Apparition .. Nice 🙂

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